About Us

Fuel your performance. Feed your spirit. Taste the adventure.

Fuel your performance. Feed your spirit. Taste the adventure.

When you hunger for more.

Come to the forest and the field. Chase the vanishing spot on the horizon, the one you'll never reach. Taste the rock and scratch the mountain. Smell the soil and the snow, ford the river and swim the sea, laugh down the sun. Sweat. Swear. Stumble. Seek. Then stop. Sit. Breath. Remember to embrace it all. Remember to always hunger for more.

We are driven by a particular hunger. This hunger cannot be fulfilled by material acquisitions. It cannot be sated by social or professional accolades. It can only be satisfied by immersion into the wild unknown, where our senses are most alive and our thoughts have the ringing clarity of truth. 


For those who take the road less traveled.

The path we take is shaped by the decisions we make. Often, it’s not the destination, but the journey that makes the life meaningful. Stepping into the unknown, trusting our intuition and letting our heart be the guide. 

We believe life is meant to be lived outside of our comfort zone, on the edge of what's possible. Breaking free from the status quo and what's considered "reasonable" so that we may forge our own path. 

We are rugged, always striving, seeking, learning, growing and pursing our truth, the truth that says we were born wild and free.


Pursue your thirst for something greater.

Born at the intersection of travel, adventure and health, Stay Rugged exists to help you push your limits and reach new heights. We believe the right nutrition will help you preform at your best giving you the advantage over whatever lies ahead. 

We are a functional food company on a mission to support your rugged, everyday adventure with premium, all-natural fuel so you stay energized for the roads, trails, rapids, surf or summits ahead.

Every ingredient that goes into our food has been naturally sourced and is a perfect balance of macronutrients to power any adventure in the way that Mother Nature intended.

From ambitious objectives in the mountains to big meetings in the boardroom, we believe that the right nutrition can help you accomplish more and perform your best. More than products. Nourishment.



Anthony Mink

Founder, CEO

Spencer Davis

Founder, COO

More than fuel. Norishment.

We exist to encourage, inspire, and support your journey into the unknown. From towering mountain summits to big meetings in the boardroom, we believe the right nutrition will enable you to experience more and perform at your best! #hungerformore

Fuel Your Performance